Tweaking Trinity Great Gate

Tweaking the Great Gate

The restoration of the Trinity Great Gate doors nears completion. Today saw the left hand door lifted back into the position that has been it’s own since 1523! It reurned on a flatbed lorry from Exeter where it received a bit of tlc and some highly skilled craftsmanship to allow it to see out another few decades/centuries service, guarding the entrance to Trinty College. The right hand side door recieved the same attention earlier in the year. Just the final few tweaks and it will be ready to receive the new Master of Trinity on October 2nd –  Sir Gregory Winter. The Master of Trinity is appointed by the Crown and traditionally serve until they reach the age of 70.

Master Craftsmen from Exeter

Thirsty work as you can see by the empty coffee/tea cups…but still leaving enough thirst, those men from Exeter informed me, to make a visit to The Eagle that evening absolutely essential !

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