What if our arrival in Cambridge encounters a short unexpected delay, perhaps we are held up in traffic and we are late for our tour?
All we ask is that you keep us posted. Just phone us with your estimated time of arrival and we will rearrange the start time (subject to your guides availability)

What if we have to cancel a tour that we have booked?
For small private groups we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice please.
If you have already paid we will arrange a full refund.

For larger parties (ie over 20 pax) we request 48 hours notice and will arrange a full refund.
For notice under 48 hours we offer a 50% refund.

We are a party of 12 and at the last minute 4 of our friends have asked to join us on the tour. Can you accommodate this?
Yes! No problem. As the tour price is based per group you can add as many extra friends to the party as you like (up to a maximum of 20). The only extra cost would be on tours which include entry into one of the colleges where your extra guests will just need to pay the college entry fee just like everybody else.

Please remember that the Punt & Walk Tour has a maximum of 12 persons per group.

Our party will include 2 wheel chair uses, can they be accommodated?
Of course! Please advise us at the time of booking of any special requirements. We can then factor them into the tour to make sure no one misses out