Trinity’s New Master

Cambridge holds on to many of it’s old traditions and one of these was acted out today. Just after 2pm the Trinity Bell started tolling. At 2.20pm a robed figure walked slowly down Trinity Street and approached the Great Gate at Trinity College. Sir Gregory Winter, for it was he, then delivered 3 loud knocks with the help of a stone onto the woodwork of the Great Gate. The Head Porter opened the small door to enquire of his business. Sir Gregory informed the Head Porter that he came with a letter from the Queen appointing him as the new Master of Trinity. The Head Porter took the letter and firmly closed the door in Sir Gregory’s face. Sir Gregory was now, as tradition has it, made to wait while the letter was delivered to the Senior Fellows in the Chapel for their consideration  It was well over 5 minutes before the Head Porter returned. The Great Gate was duly opened and Sir Gregory admitted to The Great Court which was thronged with welcoming guests. Sir Gregory Winter takes over from Lord Rees who retired in June.

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