Trinity Great Gate

Repairs at the Trinity Great Gate
Doors Restored

So who do you call when your front door needs a little tlc?

Well if you are Trinity College, Cambridge you contact master craftsman Alec, Cameron and David.
The giant wooden doors which form the entrance to Trinity College are just 11 years short of being 500 years old and when they need repair and restoration the local B&Q is not the place to go.
The right hand door has been receiving careful attention from Alec (metalwork) and Cameron and David (woodwork) in their workshops in Exeter over the past few months. The skilled work will see the fully restored door finally lifted back into place tomorrow. Alec explained to me that the work they do is known as “honest” restoration. That is to say they do not try and cover up the required repairs or try to antiqify or date them. It was fascinating to here him explain how, while working on the doors, they could see previous repair work over the centuries.

Trinity Great Gate Doors
Master Craftsman


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