The King’s Men

The King's Men
The King’s Men

The King’s Men are a close harmony group made up of choral scholars from the King’s College Chapel Choir and, last night, they performed a concert from a punt stationed on the River Cam at King’s College.
A varied repertoire from classical through to their own arrangements of folk, spiritual and modern pop songs.
Yesterday afternoon they turned up at the Market Square to publicize the event and burst into a truly wonderful rendition of “I get Around” in the Beach Boys was magical!..transporting the crowd from a dull and overcast afternoon in Cambridge to the surf and sunshine of a Californian beach!

and by the way…you can hire them to perform at your event (the sang at the 70th birthday party of Professor Stephen Hawking.

The King's Men "Get around".Market Square
The King’s Men “Get around”.Market Square

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