Suicide Sunday

It’s certainly not every Sunday that at 8.30am the Market Square hosts hoards of scantily dressed young women wearing Viking helmets!!! Today was Suicide Sunday. Not sure when this tradition first started but it marks the relief at the end of exams and the trepidation at the forthcoming results.

This week also sees the college May Balls in full swing. Emmanuel May Ball is tonight (excellent coffee courtesy of Ben whose Cafe Mobile also serves on The Market Square throughout the year). Tomorrow is Trinity May Ball. I was on the river hosting a ghost tour last night and witnessed the preparations going ahead. Trinity have in place several huge marquees on The Backs and it looked like fairground rides were being delivered. Queen’s have erected a temporary tubular metal bridge across the Cam…no where near as architecturally beautiful as their Wooden Bridge (aka The Mathematical Bridge), the original of which dates from 1749.
So a week parties and fireworks awaits!

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