Newton’s Apple

Newton's Apple Tree
Newton’s Apple Tree

Newton’s Apple Tree which stands outside the Trinity College rooms once occupied by Sir Issac Newton, rarely bears any real fruit, however this year it does!
Stopped my bike to have a closer inspection and check my eyes were not deceiving me, (it is not unknown in the past for plastic apples to be teed to the tree branches). Well it’s the real deal. I believe the variety is “Maid of Kent”.
My learned fruit expert, Chris Carter, who runs a fine “Fruit & Veg”market stall, tells me it is a strange season for local fruit this year. Many of the apples and plums are smaller than usual, as a result of large quantities of fruit on the branch but clustered to close together to produce good size fruit.
Not everyday that Chris Carter and Isaac Newton are mentioned in the same article..but, that for me, is part of the charm of Cambridge where Town and Gown co exist.

Outside Trinity
Outside Trinity

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