Milliband in Town

Just ordered his baked potato
Milliband at The Market
Peas Hill Speech
Speech on Peas Hill









I am one lucky person. I get to meet people from all over the world..the people that come to study, come to visit and come to work in Cambridge. When not guiding I work on the family Market Stall, The Hemp Store. Is there a finer setting for a market? I doubt it!

One never knows who will step onto the hallowed cobbles of our Market Square. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was Ed Milliband, Leader of the Opposition. No doubt the appearance not unconnected with the forthcoming May 2nd local elections!

He stopped to take time to meet some of the traders and talked at length with my friend Paul Neeve, proprietor of a fine book stall. Later, standing on a wooden market pallet instead of the more traditional soap box, Ed spoke to a crowd that had gathered on Peas Hill. He ordered a baked potato (with beans should you be interested) from Leigh at The Tramstop stall. And then he sipped on a bottle of water, looking very much at ease and breaking into a laugh as he prepared to go on camera for the local BBC News.

He was impressive, actually listened to people and engaged with them  Spoke well and came across as calm and confident without any hint of cockiness.

Just another day on Cambridge Market!

Ready for a BBC TV Interview
Relaxing in front of Grace’s Stall

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