Great St Mary’s

Great St Mary’s has served the University and City for more than 800 years. This month work started on maintenance, renovation and some key developments to this historic church at the very heart of Cambridge. Included in the program is to install large glass doors inside the historic wooden doors at the foot of the tower to allow an uninterrupted view all year round. A shop area will be enlarged and enclosed and the office and vestry will be improved. It is also intended to set an area for an education centre with programmes for schools, community groups and visitors.

The south aisle roof needs replacing and, keeping with modern thinking, photovoltaic panels will be installed!

The cost is estimated at £2.2 million of which over a £1 million has already been raised.

Contributions can be made via Great St Mary’s website:

Great St Mary's Renovation
Renovation work starts at Great St Mary’s Church
Scaffold Notice
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