Cattle on the Common

Red Poll Dawn breaks over Midsummer Common

6am Sunday morning. Just had to stop and take a picture. Dawn breaking over Midsummer Common, the early autumnal mists are hanging just above the ground and the shadowy figures are Red Poll Cattle.
The Red Poll are owned by the wife of a local vet and grazed on various of the city’s common grounds. Very contented looking beast this morning. May not be quite so laid back if they appreciated that some of their predecessors’ will be on sale at The Cambridge Sunday Market less than half a mile away on the Market Square….now packed and ready for the oven! Such is nature. The Red Poll is an old fashioned breed which gives slightly fattier but tastier meat.
Busy in town today as the annual fund raising “Bridge the Gap” walk was taking place..a walk through the city and the colleges. Glorious sunshine all day.

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