A Royal Visit

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

The crowds started gathering as early as 6am. A most unusual experience for us Market Traders as we normally have the town centre to ourselves as we set up our stalls in the early mornings. But more than happy to share our space!
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate arrived just after 10am and at 10.30am appeared on The Guildhall balcony overlooking a now packed Market Square. They both looked fantastic, waving to the crowd, William smiling and Kate radiant. Shelia Stuart, the mayor, gave a short welcoming speech and then William and Kate left The Guildhall for the short walk to The Senate House, stopping along the way to talk to their well wishers.
After lunch the couple visited Jimmy’s Night Shelter, Manor School and then off to Peterborough.
The couple appeared so at ease on their first official visit to the town since the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was given to them by the Queen shortly after their wedding.  I know the town enjoyed the visit and were appreciative that the couple took the time to take in the “town” as well as the “gown”.

Cambridge Guildhall Balcony


Walk at Market Square

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