Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Tour

A tour devised especially for school pupils and young students (UK or Foreign).
After a one hour historical tour of the city the Treasure Hunt Questionnaires are handed out. The students, in small groups, spend the next 30-45 minutes retracing their steps and with the aid of clues and pictures endeavour to find all the answers  All the questions will have been covered in the tour. It is very visual so can be enjoyed by young pupils with their teachers or foreign students striving to improve their English.
A fun way learn. It is a very popular tour..

Ideal tour for:                 School or student groups

Tour Duration:              about 1 hour

Maximum Numbers:   22 persons per group

Tour Cost:                      £75 per group
Includes 5 Treasure Hunt Questionnaires with pictures and clues.
(And a set of correct answers for the teachers!)