The CLASSIC Cambridge Tour

City Coat of Arms
City Coat of Arms

The CLASSIC Cambridge Walking Tour.
Experience the history of both the City (Town) and the University (Gown) in the company of a Cambridge blue badge guide.The architecture and achievements, the famous people, brilliant minds and eccentric characters that help shape this beautiful city and the discoveries that changed the world.

One hour tour:              £70 per group (up to 20 persons)
An introduction to this beautiful and historic city.

1.5 hour tour:                £80 per group (up to 20 persons)
All the history and stories of the one hour tour and more.

2 hour tour:                   £90 per group (up to 20 persons)
This tour includes a visit inside one of the famous Cambridge Colleges.
read more:On this tour takes you will have the chance to visit one of the famous Cambridge Colleges.  Once inside the college you will be able to view the ancient buildings (some over 500 years old), walk through the courts, (keeping off the manicured lawns on which only Fellows are allowed to tread!), soak up the atmosphere of this special place and see first hand a “living” college. Learn of the college’s foundation and history along with tales of the great, the good and at times the not so good, who have been associated with the college. Experience a place where over the last eight centuries some of the great artists, poets, scientists and politicians received their education.



Specialized/Theme Tours
Prices quoted are for group sizes from 1-20 persons (except punting tours which are for a maximum of 12 persons). If you group is larger than this then no problem. Just let us know expected numbers and we will send a quote for your consideration.

 The Cambridge Ghost Walk (1 hour tour)
A one hour walk on the dark side of Cambridge.
Read More….Best served after dark…                                              £80

The Classic Tour including King’s College Chapel
A 2 hour walking tour that includes a visit inside
this magnificent and iconic Chapel.                                                 £95 + entrance fee

America in Cambridge (2 hour tour)
A 2 hour tour exploring the many connections past and
present between Cambridge and North America                          £95

The Cambridge Alumni Tour (2 hour tour)
Famous old boys and girls. Scientists, Artists,
Spies, Musicians and more                                                                £95

Cambridge Churches and Chapels. (2 hour tour)
A journey through the changing religious tides of
Cambridge and England with visits to College Chapels
and the City Churches                                                                         £95

The Walking and Punting Tour (2 hour tour)
95 minute walking tour and a 45 minute
chauffeured punt ride                                                                       £180 (Maximum 12 persons)

The Cambridge Punting Tour (45 minutes)
A chauffeured punt on the tour on the River Cam.
Glide past past 8 famous Colleges and 9 bridges.                        £90 (Maximum 12 persons)

 The Cambridge Science Tour (2 hour tour)
This tour highlights the science and scientists at
Cambridge. Discoveries that have changed the world.                £95

 The Treasure Hunt (1 hour tour +1 hour hunt)
Popular with schools and students.
After one hour guided walk the students are given a list of
questions and they retrace their steps to find the answers        £95

College Tours  (2 hour tour)                                                  £95 + any entry charge
We are recognized to guide in the famous colleges.
This is the CLASSIC Cambridge Walking tour which takes
in the college of your choice*.The tour costs
£95 per group + the College entrance fee per person.

Current Entry Fees: 
King’s College and Chapel     £8.00 per adult (£5.00 per concession)
Queens’ College                       £3.00 per adult and concessions
St John’s College                     £7.50 per adult (£5.00 per concession)
Trinity College                         £2.50 when open to the public
Clare College                            £3.00 per person
Emmanuel College                  no charge
Sidney Sussex College            no charge
Pembroke College                   no charge

Concessions include: Students, Senior Citizens and young people (12-17 years of age)
Children up to the age of 12 years, accompanied by an adult, are free of charge.

*College Closures
Please note that the colleges are closed to the public for the examination period throughout the month of May. King’s College Chapel remains open subject to occasional closures. All Colleges can and do close to the public, sometimes without any prior notice. If your selected College is closed on the day of your tour we will endeavour to substitute an alternative college visit.

Half Day Tour
We meet you at the bus or train station, accompany you to the city centre, perhaps a coffee and then a 3 hour walking tour followed by lunch/diner.
You tell us what you are looking for and we will make the arrangements.                   £145*
*no booking charges apply but entry and transport charges, where applicable,
will be payable in addition to the basic tour cost.

Bespoke Tour
Perhaps you have specific request or maybe want a longer or shorter version of the above tours.Whatever your requirement please do not hesitate to contact us, we will come up with a no obligation proposal (tour itinerary and price) for you to consider.